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E-Rickshaw & E-Cart - Spares & E-Kits

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GoodEnergy India provides excellent sales & service & effective spare parts & E-Kit management for E-Rickshaw & E-Cart.

The duration of a repair is considerably influenced by the availability of a spare part. In contrast to standard items, the availability of each individual spare part has to be specifically planned. In terms of value, spare parts that seem minor can actually play a crucial role in the repair process.

Differential (33” / 36”)
Controller (18 /24 /36 Mosfets)
Motor (650 – 1250 Watts)
E-kit Package

Maintenance Chart

  • MCB should be switched off before cleaning, washing or when the vehicle is not in use.
  • Check & Change gear box oil after every 2 months.
  • Fortnightly battery checkup for water, gravity, connector and any loose ends.
  • Wire harness to be checked for any current / short circuit.
  • Avoid water directly on the electrical parts i.e. controller, transformer & any open wire.
  • Avoid overloading.
  • Avoid Deep discharge of battery.
  • Inspect & correct tyre pressure.
  • Check front & rear brakes.
  • Check entitled all important nuts & bolts.

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