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Eco Friendly E-Rickshaws & E-Carts
ICAT Certified E-Rickshaw & E-Cart (Govt. of India Approved)

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GoodEnergy India E-Rickshaws & E-Carts a symbol of "Made in India", committed "to manufacture the best Battery Operated Vehicles" for "revolutionizing last mile connectivity" thus creating

Why GoodEnergy India?

"ICAT Certified E-Rickshaw & E-Cart" (Government of India approved)

GoodEnergy India (GEI) is promoted by dedicated team of professionals from various walks of the life, offering their wide experience of 20 to 40 years in various fields of Research & Development, Technology, Production, Manufacturing & Consumer Service.

Battery operated automobiles, fundamentally require components; i.e., motor, controller, differential, battery & electrical circuits. Team GEI has put in its in-depth knowledge and vast experience in designing, sourcing & manufacturing these components to give the most optimum performance on Indian roads. Each and every product which is manufactured at the plant, undergoes through the strictest quality checks i.e., physical inspection, mechanical test, electrical certification, a road test before it is delivered to the end user. Our job at the organization doesn’t end here.

We commit ourselves to provide the best after sales service. Thus, at GoodEnergy, we not only manufacture & sell automobiles but "create smile with every mile"

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Salient Features

  • ICAT Certified (Govt. of India Approved)
  • Guaranteed Investment
  • Legal Vehicle
  • Quality Certified
  • Insurance
  • Complies to MVA (Motor Vehicle Act, 16th Revision)
  • Chassis Number Compliant
  • Registration Number Compliant
  • Complies to the Braking Test
  • Complies to Flood, Washing & Rain Storm Test
  • Complies to the Power Train Test
  • Complies to Lighting Standards
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Aerodynamic Design (Best Mileage in its Class)

For Dealership or Trade Enquiry call: 08510031111, 08510032222